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John Begg; Norman Carton;  Friedel Dzubas; Seymour Franks; Peter Gee; Hugo Gnam; Kurt Graf; Hananiah Harari; Ruth Horton; William Hopper; Consuelo Kanaga; William Kienbusch; Arthur Lidov; Anni(Anne or Anna) Neumann; ; Wallace Putnam; Charles Rain; Ruth Ray; Ralph Rosenborg; Charles Seliger; Max Schnitzler; Pavel Tchelitchew; Kristians Tonny; Pennerton West; 5000 Music (gig) Posters; Contemporary Art; Outsider Art.

WE HAVE A LARGE SELECTION OF ARTWORK AND HESITATE TO ILLUSTRATE TOO MANY WORKS. WE DO NOT HANDLE OVERSHOWN ART, AND IF SOLD, IMMEDIATELY REMOVE IT FROM THIS WEBSITE. PLEASE CALL TO DISCUSS ANY ARTIST AND WORK. THE NY SCHOOL ART GALLERY IS PROUD OF THE ARTISTS AND ARTWORK WE HANDLE. AND everything is guaranteed original and made by the particular artist. 90% of what I sell was purchased from the artist. I have always cherished my relationships with my artist friends.

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