Ruth Horton 1894-1942


Art Students League
NY School of Fine and Applied Art (later became Parsons School of Design)
Woodstock School Landscape Painting with Jonas Lie, Winold Reiss, and M. Sarg


Keramic Society
Designers Guild
Francis MacDowell Art Colony Hudson Highlands AA


Currier Gallery of Art, 1937
Macdowell Colony, 1939
Won two prizes in 1919 and and 1922 in the Annual Textile Design Competition

The following works are very reasonably priced and are very early examples of American Art Deco, abstraction and graphic and textile design. This is only a small but very select sampling of the Horton works that we have available

The Cynic 9" x 7" gouache. c. 1920s

Apache 9" x 7" gouache. c. 1920s

Black and White Abstract 6.25" x 5.25" mixed medium.

Happy Lady 10" x 7" etching.

Three Ladies 9.25 " x 7.50" etching.

Black and White Repeat 7.5" x 7.5" gouache on paper. c. 1920s
Faust 8" x 5.5" gouache on board.

Manchu 8" x 5.5" gouache on paper.