William Hopper -A Brilliant American Abstract Expressionist.

William H Hopper b1935 (Indianapolis) d1999 (Connecticut)


1958 - John Herron Art Institute of Indiana University BFA
1960 Florida State University Masters
Taught at FSU, and was an artist/lecturer for The Indianapolis Art League
Foundation and The Indianapolis Museum of Art
For 7 years was the artist in residence and Head of the Department of Art for a College Preparatory School.

One Man Exhibitions:

John Herron Art Institute of Indiana University
Florida State University
The Sheldon Swope Art Museum
The Fourteen-Forty-Four Gallery
Indiana State University
The H. Lieber Gallery
The Talbot Gallery
Hanover State College of Indiana
The Castellane Gallery

Selected Group Exhibitions

Aaron Berman Gallery
Betty Parsons Gallery
Parsons/Truman Gallery
Guild Hall Museum
Jason Gallery
Museum of Modern Art rental Gallery
Indianapolis Museum of Art Rental Gallery

In 1975, William Hopper is invited by the US Embassy in Japan to have a traveling Solo Exhibition of 22 paintings to be shown at American Cultural Centers in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Fukuoka and Sapporo with a lecture at each center.

Notes by Stuart Friedman: William Hopper's action paintings were created using highly sophisticated techniques and mediums. Impeccable formulas and applications made for highly successful works. He has been collected by over 75 private collections. Like Norman Carton, Hopper was very interested in continuing education and teaching as well as learning. He maintained a studio as well as a residence in NY City.
William Hopper seeks to impart a non-verbal visual philosophy of the organic elevated to the aesthetic. The forms, textures and colors are weighted toward a rich fullness, reflecting the timelessness of antiquity but distinctly of the modern school in concept and media. The work contains aspects of powerful sensuality, yet with overtones of serenity. Its tactile quality is alive whether viewed intimately or from a distance. What he has to say is said with strength and authority, and with intuitive control.

Night Cathedral or Night Corridor Oil, Acrylic, and Bee's Wax on Canvas. 33" x 79". Please call for pricing.

Detail of Night Cathedral to show interesting relief of the paint surface.

Untitled. 1959. Oil on canvas. 34" x 42". Please call for pricing.

Detail of Untitled. It is important to note that Hopper took to the next level the incredible technique of his teacher, Karl Zerbe.

Prophet 1965. Oil on canvas. 8"x14".

Solace 1962. Oil on canvas. 24"x18".

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT THE PHOENIX SERIES.:Truth, Mediation, and Universality Beeswax and Oil on canvas. each are 16"x8".

Study 1962. Acrylic on paper. 12"x10".

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